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Pattern Plank® PP-152

Modern Plastics offers Pattern Plank® PP-1052 which is a dense, filled urethane Tooling Plank. This plank is a light-weight, tough, cost effective alternative to metal. Its tough, high-impact resistant properties will produce dimensionally stable tools. Applications include prototype and low-volume to high volume foundry patterns, core boxes, match plates, gating and risering. Other uses include metal forming, hammer forming, stretch press dies, hemming buchs and production checking and assembly fixtures.

Initial(4” x 4” pieces) 593.81 99.69
After 24 hours at –30° 594.00 99.40
After 24 hours at standard lab conditions 593.85 99.68
After 6 hours at 130°F 593.80 99.94
After 24 hours at standard lab conditions 593.86 99.69
After 168 hours at 100°F/100% Relative Humidity 595.74 99.75
After 24 hours at standard lab conditions 594.32 99.70
Additional 24 hours at standard lab conditions 594.31 99.70


CUTTING HORIZONTALLY ON A PLANNER MILL: Head is a 10 insert, 8" in diameter. For best results use 5 inserts. Inserts are FE-42E-10J-C5. We have found a C2 Carbide insert does not chip as easily. RPM 2200-2400 – table feed 50-55 inches per minute. Some modifications may be needed.

SAW BLADES: A carbide-tipped, positive rake saw blade with air slots should be used, if possible. We suggest alternate top bevel ATB or triple chip grind TCG rpm, depending on the saw. We suggest 3,500 max rpm. Check with manufacturer on saw and blade size.

  • 12" blade, 48 teeth
  • 16" blade, 48 teeth
  • 18" blade, 60 teeth

When sawing, you may need to back part away from blade to relieve heat and binding, then proceed with cut. It may be necessary to take more than one cut to achieve best finish.

Modern Plastics also offers PATTERN PLANK® PP-1052 Round Tooling Planks for wheel models, foundry patterns or other round tooling applications.

Round Tooling Planks offer these benefits:
  • Faster machine time
  • No waste
  • No glue-up required
  • No bond seams
  • Very economical

Sizes available for round tooling planks:

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