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Delrin® Acetal Plastic Products

Delrin AcetalShop for Lexan online at Modern PlasticsDelrin® sheet, rod, tube, and plate products from Modern Plastics provide wear resistance, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, good strength, and easy machinability. Modern Plastics offers Delrin® products in various grades, colors, and stock shapes, and with various fillers for enhanced properties, by such manufacturers as Ensinger-Hyde, Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, Westlake Plastics, and Sustaplast.

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Delrin® products in general offer slightly higher mechanical properties then "copolymer" acetal products such as Acetron® GP, but may contain a lower density center, especially in large cross sections. Many grades of Delrin® are FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A-Dairy compliant.

Bearings made of Delrin® AF Blend sustain high loads when operating at high speeds and show reduced wear. These bearings are also essentially free of slip-stick behavior because the static and dynamic coefficient of friction are closer than with most plastics. Delrin® AF Blend retains much of the strength that is inherent in unmodified Delrin® acetal. Some properties are changed due to the addition of the softer PTFE fiber. The natural color of Delrin® AF Blend is dark brown.

Other attributes of Delrin® AF Blend Acetal products include:

  • Low moisture absorption
  • High strength, stiffness
  • Ideal for machined parts where low friction and long life is important
  • Easy to machine
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Enhanced wear and friction properties over standard acetals

Engineering Notes:

In general, acetals do not perform as well in abrasive wear applications as nylons. Compensation for moisture related growth generally allows Nylatron® nylons to be used for wet, abrasive applications. If your application requires dimensional consistency in an abrasive, high humidity or submerged environment, Ertalyte® PET-P will often offer improved performance.

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DELRIN® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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