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PlasticSolutions Newsletter

Our full on-line publication of PlasticSolutions(tm) Newsletters on the newest and most advanced stock shapes (sheet, rod, tube, film) plastic materials.

Each edition contains a wealth of information for your design, engineering and purchasing teams from the world's most advanced Plastics Distributor -Modern Plastics.

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Newsletter Archive

Current Edition

PlasticSolutions Newsletter - January 2012

Previous Editions of the PlasticSolutions Newsletter

January 2012 - Industrial Uses for Plastics, Polyurethane Sheets, Rod & Polyurethane Casting, UHMW-PE (Polystone® M), Plastic Chain Tensioners
December 2011 - Year in Review, Laxan® LT300, ECOGEHR C-L, Polystone® M-UHMW, Delrin® AF, Tygon® B-44-4X
November 2011 - Applying Cast Acrylic Tubing, Cast Acrylic Rods and Cast Acrylic Tubes
October 2011 - VESTAKEEP® 5000 Shapes, VESTAKEEP® 5000 PEEK for Fluid Power and Oil Field Applications, VESTAKEEP® 5000 PEEK Gears
August 2011 - Polymics Pyramid KD2000 PEEK CAM Tubes, Polymics KD2000, KD2152 and KD2219 Injection-Molded Tubes
May 2011 - Lexan® LT300, Lexan® 9034, Lexan® MR10
April 2011 - Durasurf™ ASC, DuraSurf™ ETA, DuraSurf™ STS
March 2011 - TECAPEEK™ ST, TECASINT™ 1000, TECASINT™ 2000
January 2011 - Tecamid® Nylons, Tecaform®, Tecanat®
December 2010 - Tecaform AHID, Hydex 4101, Tygon B44-4X
November 2010 - Tecator™ PAI, Tecaflon™ PVDF, Tecatron® PPS, Tecapeek™
October 2010 - Polycarbonate (Sustanat PC), Acetal (Sustarin), UHMW-PE (Polystone M)
September 2010 - Hydlar® Z, Tecast™ 12, Tecast™ Vekton PALM
August 2010 - Hydlar ® Z, Tecast™ 12, Tecast™ Vekton PALM
July 2010 - Eco-Ice, Twin Wall Sheets, HDPE Pipe Grade Sheets
June 2010 - TECACAST™ Cast Nylon, TECAMID™ Extruded 6/6 Nylon, TECAFORM™ Acetal
May 2010 - Lexan® LT300, Lexan® 9034, Lexan® MR10
April 2010 - Tecapeek, Tecatron PPS, Polycast, Lexgard
March 2010 - PTFE Billets, Bearing Tape, Spring Energized Seals
February 2010 - AC-300™ General Purpose Grade Acrylic, AC-350™ Bending Grade Acrylic, PC-300™ General Purpose Grade Polycarbonate, PC-350™ Bending Grade Polycarbonate, AF-100™ Anti-Fog, Mar Con® Acrylic Forming Grade
January 2010 - GAR-DUR® UHMW Machined Parts
December 2009 - AC-300™ General Purpose Grade Acrylic, AC-350™ Bending Grade Acrylic, PC-300™ General Purpose Grade Polycarbonate, PC-350™ Bending Grade Polycarbonate, AF-100™ Anti-Fog, Mar Con® Acrylic Forming Grade
November 2009 - MediPeek™, Medical UHMWPE
October 2009 - Lucite Applications, Lucite Microban, Lucite Aviation, Lucite Museum Grade
September 2009
- Expert's Corner, Tecaform AHID, Hydex 4101, Tygon B44-4X
July 2009 - Applying Tecamid MDS - Nylon, Tecamid® Nylons, Tecaform®, Tecanat®
June 2009 - Tecapeek VF, Tecason P VF, Tecason S VF, Tecamid VF, Tecatron PPS
May 2009 - Polystone M-UHMW, Tecast Vekton, Tecadur PET
April 2009 - Tecason™ P XRO, Tecaform MT, Tecapeek Classix, Tecapro
March 2009 - Tygon Tubing: High Press, Bev, Antimircrobrial, Ulra Chem
Febuary 2009 - Delrin AF, Delrin Acetal Homopolymer, Delrin 150E
January 2009 - Lexan MR 10, Solar Control, Polycarbonate Sheet
December 2008 - Absylux(ABS) CNC Die Plank, Pattern Plank, Model Plank
November 2008 - Tecarim, Tecapeek VF, Kydex FST Newsletter
October 2008 - Ecogher Newsletter
September 2008 - Polypropylene Newsletter
August 2008 - Polystone Newsletter
July 2008 - Boltaron Newsletter
June 2008 - Acrylic and Polycarbonate Newsletter
May 2008 - Tecast Vekton Newsletter
April 2008 - Kydex Polycast Tecatron Newsletter
March 2008 - Tecapeek, Tecatron PPS, Polycast
February 2008 - Gehr Biopolymer Tecason™ P XRO Tecapeek PVX
January 2008 - Tecanyl, Delrin AF, Delrin Acetal Homopolymer, Tecaform
December 2007 - Lexgard ™ Bullet Resistant Laminate, Lexan™ MR10 Sheet, Novus Plastic Polish, Modern Magic® MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths
November 2007 - High Purity Pressure Tubing, Beverage Tubing, Antimicrobial Tubing, Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing
October 2007 - Modern Plastics Machining Service, Machining Tips, Sawing Tips, Drilling Tips
September 2007 - Mod-Pro® Board, Zelux®, Propylux HS2, PVDF Film
June 2007 - Acrylic Hinges, Applicators, TECAPEEK™ MT, Custom Fabrication, Vinyl and Acrylic Cements
May 2007 - Seaboard® Premier High Density Polyethylene Sheet Products, Custom Fabricated Products, NOVUS® Polish, Microfiber Cloths
April 2007 - ESD Conductive Plastics, Tecator™, Ensinger Special Polymers, DP-32 Acrylic Table Tops
March 2007 - Tecamax® SRP, Sintimid, Hydlar Z, Trans-Stat® Anti-static Chairmat
February 2007 - TECAPEEK™, PTFE Stock Shapes(Unfilled), PTFE Stock Shapes(25% Glass Filled, 25% Carbon Filled), Drill Bits for Plastic
January 2007 - Delrin® Acetal Homopolymer, Tecaform™ Acetal Copolymer, Tecaform™ HPV 13 Acetal w/ Internal PTFE Lubricant, Plasti-Cut Circular Saw Blades
December 2006 - President's Corner, Lexgard Bullet Resistant Laminates, Lexan MR10 sheet, NOVUS Plastic Polishes, Modern Magic Microfiber Cloths
November 2006 - Plastics You Can Eat, Ertalyte TX, TIVAR H.O.T., Fluorosint 207, TIVAR CleanStat
October 2006 - ECTFE Film, PES Film, TPX Film, PVDF Film, Tempalux Film, Thermalux Film
September 2006 - TUF Board, Defender Interior Acrylic Storm Windows, Modern Magic MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths, Macrolux Multiwall Polycarbonate
August 2006 - Ultem Polyetherimide Resins, Aircraft (Ultem Resin and Sheet, Lexan Sheet), Railway (Ultem R16SG29), Mass Transit (Lexan Polycarbonate, Margard)
July 2006 - Statically Dissipative Plastics, Semitron ESd Products, TIVAR® DrySlide, TIVAR CleanStat, TIVAR 1000 ESd
May 2006 - PVC Pipe, PVC Duct, Rod, Bar, and Machining Stock
April 2006 - RADEL R 5100, RADEL R 5500, RADEL R 5800
March 2006 - Lexan MR10, Poly 2000, Poly II, 84, 76, Seaboard Premier Sheet Products
December 2005 - PLASTI DIP Synthetic Rubber Coating, TIVAR 1000, TIVAR H.O.T., TIVAR UV Resistant
November 2005 - CNC DIE PLANK DP-1051, CNC PATTERN PLANK PP-1052, CNC MP-1055 Chocolate Model Plank, Defender Interior Acrylic Storm Windows
August 2005 - TECAPRO™ MT, Flametec Cleanroom PVC-C, Fluorosint PTFE, Kytec PVDF
July 2005 - Ketron PEEK-HPV, Celazole PBI, Acetron GP, IntePro Storm Protection Panels
June 2005 - Lexan MR10, Poly 2000, Poly II, 84, 76, Seaboard Premier Sheet Products
May 2005 - GE Lexan Solar Control IR Sheet, GE Lexgard Bullet Resistant Sheet Product, InteFoam PVC Expanded Foam Sheet, Spartech/Polycast Medical Grade PMMA, FREE Medical Plastics Color Reference Chart
April 2005 - Acetal Products from ENSINGER-HYDE, TECAMAX SRP, HEMSaw Bi-Function "CNC" Band Saw -Bridgeport, Medical Grade Plastic Tubing, NOVUS Plastic Polishes - Special Discount Offer
March 2005 - Tempalux 5000 High Temperature ULTEM (PEI), TECAFORM MT, Macrolux Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet, Excelon BEV-A-LINE, Medical Grade LENNITE UHMW-PE
February 2005 - Modern Plastics "Live Tech-Talk", Medical Grade Plastics, Modern Magic MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths

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