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  • Material Application Analysis

    Modern Plastics offers a range of material applications analysis services to support the decision process and verification of a product for specific purposes. We carry hundreds of plastic material products, especially those considered "high-performance engineering grade" and "medical grade plastics." Each material is unique, possesses varying properties and characteristics and certainly there are cost considerations that need to be evaluated. Especially in the area of material cost, by fully understanding your application and the desired results, we can help guide you to the best material(s) that will perform as expected -but with a cost conscious approach. With 71-years in business and an exceptionally technically trained staff, Modern Plastics is ideally suited to offer innovative solutions and a wide array of products from only the very best manufacturers. Please feel free to call our technical sales people to assist you in material design and selection.

  • Certifications and Testing

    Modern Plastics offers a wide range of test reporting options to support our plastic stock shapes, including standard material and resin certifications and actual or typical test reports. Some of the testing, where applicable, is subject to a fee. Our material certifications are detailed, accurate and we'll even customize the certifications to include all appropriate statements you'll need to meet your specific requirements. We are up to speed on the latest material revisions and will alert you on any changes to material certifications. All of our records are electronically filed and backed up (and also physically contained) for a minimum of 25-years with underground servers. You can feel secure that Modern Plastics experience and procedures will provide you with the latest and most accurate information on our certifications.

  • Custom Casting in Nylon

    Modern Plastics has the unique capability of providing cast nylon to custom mill shapes, cast blanks, near net shapes or cast to size finished parts. Cast Nylon is an extremely versatile thermoplastic resin. It can contribute significantly to weight and noise reduction, lubrication savings, and gear life extension and as an engineering material, cast nylon is highly resistant to impact, wear, and vibration. Its physical properties and price point make it a superior choice over metal and rubber in many mechanical applications. Cast nylon has almost limitless production possibilities. It is easy to machine and fabricate since part size and thickness are almost unlimited without degradation of the material. Additives such as glass, oil, or Kevlar® fiber can be mixed in during processing to strengthen the final product. Cast nylon is available in a wide variety of colors, including black, blue, dark gray, green, and natural. To facilitate branding efforts, many companies prefer a custom cast nylon color. Cast nylon also meets FDA standards

  • Compression Molded Shapes

    Modern Plastics offers custom compounding and compression moldings of specialty high-performance engineering plastics. Compression molding, where applicable can offer cost savings, (especially if a "near-net" shape can be produced), but attention must be paid to the physical properties differences between compression molded plastic shapes as opposed to other manufacturing methods such as casting or extrusion. Our staff can help offer the right option for your specific application.

  • Precision Cutting

    Modern Plastics is well-known throughout the industry for its extremely tight tolerance and superior finish plastics cutting capabilities. We have perfected the science of cutting plastic materials with proprietary techniques that offer the best finish and reduced stress in the material. We can also cut special shapes and CNC router more demanding shapes and designs. Most customers take advantage of our cutting capabilities eliminating extra labor steps while gaining perfectly cut-to-size material.

  • Fabrication

    You have come to the right place if expert craftsmanship and the highest quality fabricated plastic products are required. Modern Plastics offers unmatched custom fabrication services of plastics when you need them at a price you can afford and the delivery you need. We take on the most demanding quality, tolerance and finish requirements fabrication projects. We prefer to work from detailed prints, but can also assist in design recommendation and produce a fast prototype for evaluation and fitness for your purpose. Acrylic and Polycarbonate fabrication is our specialty but we fabricate most other plastic materials as well. We also offer fabrication where assembly is required or other finish criteria is needed to provide you with a completely "ready-to-go" product, expertly created, precision fit and of the highest quality. If the best quality fabricated plastic product is required, you've come to the right place!

  • Material Barcoding

    Modern Plastics barcodes all of its plastic raw materials with an individual control number using state-of-the-art computer technology. With barcoding, we can track and provide extensive material traceability right back to the manufacture lot and batch. Our products come with a barcode label that provides printed identification and specific grade(s), etc. Modern Plastics was the first in the industry to employ material barcoding in the plastics industry and it remains a unique value-added service for our customers who demand the very best in quality-control and material traceability.

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